Update: crews making progress in repairing flood damaged roads in Northern BC

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Todd Stone gave an update today on the progress of fixing major roads in Northern BC after floods demolished roads and bridges.

Stone says crews are working day and night to get the roads repaired and useable.


178 pieces of equipment are working on the damage and more is on the way according to the release. 16 pieces of heavy equipment are also on site at the major construction zones.

Stone also gave updates on the road closures. They expect highway 97 to re-open with single-lane alternating traffic by the end of this week.

“At this time, five of the six numbered highways closed by the flooding are now open. Highway 29 south opened Saturday evening to single-lane alternating traffic. We expect to have Highway 97 south from Pine Pass to Chetwynd open to single-lane alternating traffic by the end of the week.”

Stone also said highway 2 in Dawson Creek should be back to 4 lanes sometime next week. It is currently down to 2 lanes with traffic control.

“Of the 38 side roads affected, 20 are now open to a minimum of single-lane alternating traffic. The total number of repair sites is just over 130, all primarily in the South Peace area, 58 on numbered roads and 73 on various side roads.”

The Minister also took the time to thank partners and First Nations during the process.

“I would like to thank our municipal partners and First Nations for their assistance through this unexpected challenge and I’m grateful to the public for their continued patience as we move forward with this important work.”