Watch for falling gas prices

Photo by Pixabay

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Senior analyst Dan McTeague is predicting gasoline prices are about to go down across Western Canada and locally he anticipates about a 5 cent drop.

He says it will be the result of a major wholesale price reduction, which has already occurred, and it should start to be reflected within days, at retail filling stations, where the price drops will like vary according to how high they rose in recent weeks.


By midday today, the BC average was down slightly from where it was a week ago to 117.9 a litre, but there had been little movement in the national average, which was a 108.1.

As for those communities, with shocking prices, Fort Nelson still topped the list in BC, at 134.9, resulting in a province-wide price differential of 31 cents a litre, with the Costco in Courtenay, at the low end of that range.

Here in Fort St. John, the two Shell filling stations were resupplied today and both are pumping again at the cities common posted retail price of a dollar 16 point nine a litre.

A local eight station monitor early this afternoon had five other stations in the same majority group with only the 100th street Esso still standing alone at 119.9. Dan’s explanation for that was short and to the point.