Weather & Oil and Gas Industry Developments

Photo by Pixabay

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – What a difference a day makes when it comes to local area long range precipitation forecasts, especially at the Weather Network.

Yesterday it predicted amounts for today through next Tuesday would be in the range of 125 to 150 mm, but this morning it posted a significantly reduced estimate ranging from 35 to 55 mm today through next Wednesday.


Most of it is expected to come today and tomorrow with the two day total estimated at 20 to 30 mm, which now puts it slightly below what Environment Canada is predicting at 30 to 35 mm.

However, Meteorologist Lisa Caldwell says this is not the same kind of cold low we experienced last month.

Meantime, for the second day in a row local area gasoline prices remain unchanged.

The 100th street Esso still stands alone at a 119.9 cents a litre, following a three cent hike last weekend, the third one in less than a month.

An eight station monitor this morning also showed six other outlets holding at a 116.9 and the 100th street Petro-Can still out of gas.

However, Suncor Energy is promising the gas shortage impacting many Petro-Can stations across western Canada will soon come to an end.

Spokesperson Sneh Seetal issued this statement yesterday regarding production problems at its Edmonton area refinery and the slowdown in crude production linked to the Fort McMurray wildfire.