Are British Columbians being gouged at the gas pumps?

Photo by Pixabay

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – It is becoming increasingly apparent that BC motorists are the victims of some highly questionable retail gasoline prices.

In the past week, the BC average price has dropped two cents a litre, but only three cents from where it was the previous month.


In neighboring Alberta, there was also a week-over-week drop of about two cents a litre in the provincial average, but the month-over-month drop was nearly 14 cents.

It was a similar story in Saskatchewan where the week-over-week drop was one cent, but the month-over-month decrease 15 cents.

The provincial average differentials are another paragraph in the same story, with five of them, starting with Alberta at 93 point five cents, and ranging to Manitoba at 99 point nine, are now below a dollar a litre.

In addition, three of the four other provinces have average prices running from 12 to 16 cents a litre less than the 116.1 cent post of the Gas monitor this morning for BC.

The only exception is Newfoundland/Labrador at a 126.1 and its average would be about ten cents lower than the one in BC had it not been for  the new so-called temporary tax increase last month, which, with HST added, pushed up prices there, by about 20 cents a litre.

Through all this, the common posted price in Fort St. John continues to hold steady at a 116.9, with no movement in recent weeks, despite two wholesale price declines, which have resulted in retail price drops as far east as Thunder Bay.