City gives first official community plan update


FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The City of Fort St. John gave an update on the Official Community Plan that gives residents a chance to voice what they want to see Fort St. John look like in the years to come.

There was a survey available to residents on what they would like to see improve in the city, what they enjoy, and what they don’t enjoy. The survey had around 145 completed.


There were also grafitti walls installed around town as well as meetings held for public engagement.

Points of note that came from the surveys and other forms of communication were:

  • “Good” to “excellent” quality of life
  • Quality of live has improved over the last 5 years
  • Good place to raise a family
  • Less desirable to retire

Wishes that residents expressed included the following:

  • Expand boundary of the city
  • Trails extending to Charlie Lake and Beaton River
  • Pedestrian friendly downtown
  • Fix up vacant lots
  • Allow small hobby farms

Many residents also shared how they are pleased so far with progress that has been made when it comes to roads and road maintenance.

Some areas citizens would like to see improvement are:

  • More communication between the City and community groups
  • ┬áMore implementation
  • Increase in community driven events