Dawson Creek resident arrested after trying to flee from police

DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – A man has been arrested after being caught in possession of a stolen vehicle.

On July 7th, a white Ford F250 was stolen from a mechanical shop while it was being serviced, locally. Police opened an investigation into the incident.


On July 9th, police determined that the vehicle may have been used in another theft of a generator as well as gas from a locked compound on 115th avenue in Dawson Creek.

On July 12th, at 7:11 pm, police received reports of the stolen vehicle being on 208th road. 2 officers that were in the area at the time, located the suspect, and deployed a spike belt to stop him.

The suspect then fled the stolen vehicle and officers chased him on foot. The suspect took off into Brocor Construction yard.

He was confronted by police. Police believe he was then trying to steal another vehicle. Officers were able to arrest the suspect with the help of a police dog. The suspect was taken to hospital for minor injuries sustained from the dog.

A 37 year old Dawson Creek resident, has been released from hospital and is being held in custody pending a court appearance in Provincial Court.