Disc golf course in Toboggan Hill Park could be operational next week

The layout of the temporary disc golf course in toboggan hill park. Photo by FSJDSC/Facebook

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – After a presentation and a vote by City council, Disc golf could be a thing to do in Fort St. John before the August long weekend.

The Fort St. John Disc Sports Club made a presentation to city council in mid-June regarding the possibility of erecting a temporary disc golf course in either Kin or Toboggan Hill Park. After city council voted to approve the club to consult with city staff on erecting the trial course in Toboggan Hill Park, members of the club met with staff including the city’s Recreation and Leisure Director Ross DeBoer last Friday.


DeBoer says that the group met at the park to walk what the club had staked out as the ideal locations for the course. The meeting included the mapping out of the course, deciding on a 9-hole layout, finding locations for the course’s ‘holes,’ and going over the use of the club member’s existing ‘tonal’ targets for use as targets. The course layout is based off of a design by Denise Spence and her husband, who are members of the Fort St. John Disc Golf Club. The club members themselves would erect the tonal targets in the park using two-foot Eco Spikes, which would be resistant to tampering or vandalism. DeBoer added that due to the limited resources from grounds staff, the city will most likely end up making use of the five basket targets that they have in inventory by installing them in the fall.

After the meeting, the city got in touch with BC One Call to ensure that there are no underlying utility lines that pass under the park. DeBoer says that once clearance is give from them that there are no underlying utilities in the locations of the holes, the group will be given the green light to erect the temporary course’s infrastructure “probably within a week.”