Don’t throw just anything into your recycle bins: City

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The City is reminding people not to just throw everything and anything into your recycle bins just because you think it belongs there.

The City has is taking the steps to change the by-law, according to Julie Rogers.

“We have a proposed amendment to the current Solid Waste Bylaw but it has only had the first two readings. The amendment has not yet been passed by Council. A bylaw amendment has to go before Council twice.”


Of specific note is glass. You are NOT allowed to put glass into recycling bins. Glass can be put in the garbage cart or taken to Eco Depot. But it cannot go into the recycling. It poses a risk to recycle workers and can break easily causing glass to shatter and mix with plastics, which is not allowed. The City will not be fined by Eco Depot but Eco Depot could be fined by the sorting facility they take it to – or the entire load could be rejected.

The by-law states that they can ticket you if you put anything in your recycling that is not on the “ok” list. It now includes a list of what CAN go into your recycling bin, and if you put something in your bin that is NOT on that list, they can ticket you. The goal is to make the by-law more clear and to help people realize what they can’t or can put in the bins.

The City also encourages residents to use the City app, which is called Fort St. John City and there is a tool on the app and on the website that is called Waste Wizard that you can use to see what to recycle and what not to recycle.