Fort Nelson First Nations reiterate stance on LNG

FORT NELSON, B.C. – Fort Nelson First Nations sent out a release today reiterating the stance they currently hold on LNG on their land.

They say they believe LNG can go ahead without major damage to land.

“We believe that LNG development can prosper without full-scale damage to land, air, water, fish, and animals.”


They also say that they also see the impact that the gas and oil industry downturn has been causing, noting that they also feel the impact.

“Like many other communities, we are feeling the impacts of the oil and gas sector’s weakened economy. We too, value jobs and economic opportunities that come with industrial development in our territory.”

FNFN say they seek to “strike a balance” and that they recognize they have to support and protect the land. They have asked the Government of BC to come forward so that they can find meaningful solutions moving forward.