Fort St. John to build new water recovery facility

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Mayor Lori Ackerman announced this morning that the city has received a $5 million dollar grant from the federal gas tax fund to build a water recovery facility.

The $6.5 million dollar project will produce water clean enough for industry as well as agricultural use.


Ackerman used a specific example to explain how the water facility would benefit those, especially in the industry sector.

“For example, if construction workers need to water gravel for work reasons, they can use the recovered water rather then the good water.”

This project is one of seven projects that were announced today that are being funded through the strategic priorities fund under the federal gas tax fund in 2016.

Fort St. John already has strong ties with water through water meters, the toilet rebate program, water treatment plant recovery water, and the micro hydro project.

Mayor Ackerman says this is a step forward for the city.

“This facility will treat city effluent to a standard clean enough for used by industry and some agriculture and will be available at a fee much lower that is currently paid for potable water (drinking water). This project supports industry by providing affordable water for their use and it supports our citizens by reducing the usage of treated water and extending the life of the City Water Treatment Facility and related infrastructure.”

The rest of the funding is coming from the budget, as the project was allocated during the budget process.