Revival of Keystone XL pipeline officially part of Republican platform

CLEVELAND, OHIO – Reviving the Keystone XL pipeline project from Canada has officially become a policy of the Republican Party in this year’s US federal election, after its inclusion in the platform was approved at the Republican National Convention yesterday.

The oil pipeline is the only detailed reference to Canada in the 66-page document adopted by delegates to the convention in Cleveland.


“Our Canadian neighbours can count on our co-operation and respect,” the platform says. “To advance North America’s energy independence, we intend to reverse the current administration’s blocking of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Apart from its economic value, that project has become a symbol in the contest between the public’s desire for economic development and the government’s hostility to growth. We stand with the people.”

The document accuses the Obama administration of killing the project for purely political motives, saying it simply did so to satisfy environmentalists who support the Democratic Party.

The decision last fall to refuse a cross-border permit ended years of suspense over the project, which if completed would have carried just under one-quarter of the oil Canada exports to U.S. refineries every day.

It’s hardly surprising to see it referenced in the platform: support for Keystone XL had been longstanding Republican policy and was in the 2012 platform. It’s also supported by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.