Site C Construction schedule for July 11-24

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – B.C. Hydro and its contractors continue to work on the Site C dam.  Below is a the full schedule for the next two weeks.  Construction activities are expected to include construction of the south bank cofferdam, geotechnical instruments will be install and excavation will continue on the north and south banks.

See the full schedule below.


The following construction activities are scheduled to occur July 11 – July 24:

Dam site area

  • The main civil works contractor will continue to mobilize crews and equipment. This will include the preparation of laydown and stockpile areas.
  • Excavation will continue on the north (left) and south (right) banks.
  • Drilling and installation of geotechnical instrumentation will occur on the south bank.
  • Work will continue on the south bank drainage tunnel is expected to begin on the south bank cofferdam.
  • Logging trucks will be hauling timber from the site.
  • Security gates and guard buildings are being installed.
  • Construction of the worker accommodation lodge and other buildings will continue.
  • Roadwork will continue adjacent to the Peace River.
  • Aggregate rock will be crushed on the south bank and foundations for the concrete batch plant will be constructed.
  • The placement of riprap will continue along sections of the south bank shore.
  • South bank access roads will be constructed. Road maintenance activities will continue on the south bank petroleum development roads.
  • Work will continue to construct the temporary substation on the south bank and to construct distribution lines on the south bank to supply power from the temporary substation.
  • Construction will continue on the new rail siding on the south bank.
  • Preparation work may begin for the Moberly River Construction Bridge.

Other work areas

  • Work is expected to begin to construct the viewpoint on the north bank of the Peace River, above the dam site.
  • Work will continue to extend an existing distribution line on Old Fort Road to a building at the entrance of Myca Pit.
  • The main civil works contractor may mobilize to the 85th Avenue Industrial Lands.
  • The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s contractor will continue working on 240 Road and Old Fort Road.
  • BC Hydro’s contractor may begin work on 271 Road.
  • Operations will continue in Wuthrich Quarry and trucks will haul material from the quarry to the dam site.
  • Geotechnical investigations will continue along Highway 29 at Cache Creek/Bear Flat.

Please note that all activities listed in this construction bulletin are based on the latest information in our construction plan and are subject to change.

What to Expect

While this work takes place, local residents can expect the following:

  • There will be truck traffic on public roads as construction crews mobilize, the hauling of rock and timber continues, and as modular camp units are transported to site. This will include increased industrial traffic on resource roads and public roads from Chetwynd leading to the site on the south bank.
  • Some noise and vibration will result from the periodic blasting that is occurring in Wuthrich Quarry. Material hauling may occur at night.
  • Some noise will occur in the vicinity of the dam site and along public roads as a result of the scheduled constructionactivities. BC Hydro will continue to monitor noise levels.
  • Early morning and night shifts may be scheduled, as well as shifts on the weekends.
  • For boater and worker safety, boats will need to stay clear of active in-river work areas. These areas are clearly identified with signage and markings.
  • There will be minor traffic delays while upgrades are completed on 240 Road and Old Fort Road.

Note: In BC Hydro’s technical documents, the north bank may be referred to as the left bank and the south bank may be referred to as the right bank.

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