Snow in July!? Apparently it technically happened…

Photo by Pixabay

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Okay your about to join this humble correspondent and his favourite and most reliable meteorologist, Lisa Caldwell at Environment Canada, on a telephone weather investigation.

What you will hear is part of a conversation this morning as we tried to discover how a weather station, in this case the one at the local airport, posted 0.4 centimetres of snow, on a day when the high temperature was 23.4 degrees and the low was 10.8.


That day was yesterday, and the brief “snowfall” in question came out of a thunderstorm, and according to Lisa a different word is usually used to define it.

So because this hail, will likely be officially recorded as snowfall, it will therefore equal a 44 year old one day July record set on the 4th of the month in 1999, even though as Lisa and I discovered together this morning, that day, featured decidedly different weather circumstances than yesterday.

When all was said and done the airport station posted a precipitation total yesterday of 9.8 mm, and that raised the month-to-date “unofficial” total to 31.4 mm, or about 42% of the July norm.

It means the airport station is again on pace for an average month of 75.2 mm, and in the long term that’s more good crop news for local area farmers and ranchers, even though the latter, trying to get off another hay crop, could right now use more sunshine than moisture.