BC still has second highest provincial average gas prices: GasBuddy

Photo by Robert Couse-Baker, Flickr Creative Commons

According to GasBuddy.com, there is still very little significant movement in summer vacation period gasoline prices, with the BC average still the second highest provincial average in the country, and the common posted price in Fort St. John within a fraction of a cent of it.

The online monitors early morning numbers today showed, that at a 116.9 cents a litre, the local retail price is six-tenths of a cent higher than the provincial average.


However, while the BC average is still eight and half cents less than the Newfoundland average, it is also about 12 to 24 cents higher than the other eight provinces, with Quebec at a 104.9, and Alberta at 92.6 cents a litre.

As reported earlier local retail prices haven’t moved in recent weeks despite two wholesale price drops, but senior Gas Buddy analyst Dan McTeague says, except in Newfoundland where motorists were hit by that 20 cent a litre tax hike last month, those of us upset with current retail prices have short memories…

GasBuddy charts show local area prices are about 14 cents a litre less than they were last summer and more than 25 cents less than in 2014.

They also put the year-over-year BC average drop at 11 and half cents and the national average is 17 cents less than it was last summer.