Canada Post strike once again a possibility

Credit: Canada Post

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Once again CUPW could be close to giving 72-hours strike notice with talks having reached an impasse.

The union’s 60-day strike mandate will expire on August 25th. Canada post says they are committed to reaching a fair deal with the union, and allow services to still be affordable to Canadians but after 9 months of negotiations, there has been little to no progress.


Canada Post says the CUPW’s demands, worth more than a billion dollars, would make Canada Post products and services unaffordable. And damage to the financial sustainability of the postal service in Canada would be major.

The union has assured Canadians that it does not want to strike and letting the strike mandate expire on August 25 should not be an issue.

But Canada Post says they are available to sit at the table and hammer out a deal before August 25th, if the union is willing to do so.

Mail service could be disrupted between this weekend and next weekend. If the union does decide to strike, they must give 72-hours notice before August 25th, the date the mandate expires.