Category Two fires are once again allowed across the Prince George Fire Centre

The current wildfire danger rating across the province on Tuesday, August 30th.

PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. – After recent cooler temperatures and heavy rainfall, Category 2 open fires will once again be permitted throughout the Prince George Fire Centre, effective at noon tomorrow

Category 2 fires are categorized as burning material piled smaller than two metres high and three metres wide, or burning stubble or grass over an area smaller than 2,000 square metres. The use of fireworks, burning barrels, tiki torches and sky lanterns is also permitted.


Category 3 open fires and campfires are also allowed within the Prince George Fire Centre, provided people follow open burning regulations. Those fires are larger than two metres high and three metres wide, or are grass fires that cover an area greater than 2,000 square metres. A poster explaining the different categories of open burning is available online.

Anyone wishing to light a Category 3 fire must first obtain a burn registration number by calling 1 888 797-1717 and comply with a number of regulations.