District of Taylor moving towards dismantling Golf Ball Monument

Lone Wolf Golf Club
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TAYLOR, B.C. – The District of Taylor is going to be dismantling the Golf Boll Monument.

At a special Council meeting today, Council said they couldn’t justify spending over $45,000 to move the ball and then refurbish it, which would cost even more.

They also pointed out there could be hidden costs when the monument is moved, and that they weren’t prepared for this project in the budget, therefore making it even harder to justify.


The Councillors noted that the money could go into other monuments like the canoe and firetruck.

The cost to dismantle the ball is around $4000 according to a staff report. Council will now consider the recommendation on August 15th.

Councillors also stated:

“While understanding that the monument does have some sentimental and historic value, staff still recommends option 2. Significant costs to repaint and refurbish the monument will also be required, increasing the cost of the project. Staff believes that the monument has served its purpose through time and the funds required for this project could be better spent elsewhere.”



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