Dog reunited with owners two years after being stolen from Fort St. John

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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Thor, an Australian Shepherd Cross, was stolen from his owners in Fort St. John two years ago.

But about 8 days ago, Dawn Mengering as well as her daughter Bronwyn were reunited with Thor.

Thor was a christmas gift to Bronwyn. The dog was then stolen in October of 2014. Mengering believed that the theft of the dog, had ties to dog fighting in the region.

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One day, Brownwyn let Thor outside to play and two men stole the dog. The family spent 6 months looking for the dog until they moved away.

After thinking they would never see the dog again, based on the number of dogs that were missing or killed because of dog fighting rings, things took a turn.

Thor, as well as another dog, were found at a work site near Spirit River, Alberta. Someone took the dogs in, believing that they were strays.

Both were eventually dropped off at a animal shelter. Once the dogs were accepted at the shelter, Thor’s tattoo led them to the vet clinic in Fort St. John where Thor had been reported as missing.

There were confidentiality rules in place that that would not allow contact information to be provided, but they did reach out to Mengering through social media.

Mengering was so overcome with joy that she screamed when she got the phone call that Thor had been found safe.

Kim Hessel, president and founder of High River’s Heaven Can Wait animal shelter, said that they obviously believed the dog had been dead all this time,


Hessel also noted that Thor had not been in any dog rings, and that he was healthy and happy.

Mengering was so happy for her daughter, after all, it was her dog. She says her daughter thought it was her fault because she let the dog outside in the first place.

A volunteer then drove Thor to the airport. A WestJet employee then accompanied Thor on the flight to to Halifax, where the family currently resides.

Mengering says she has utmost thanks and gratitude for what WestJet and Heaven Can Wait for what they did.

“just gratitude and I’m so thankful they were willing to take time to try and track down his owner,” she said. “I think it’s amazing what they do. It’s so selfless.”


Original story from: High River Times/Kevin Rushworth




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