Skyeler Kerr places 5th in 50 metre Backstroke at Nationals

Skyeler Kerr on the starting block for the 50 metre backstroke qualifier. Photo by Deborha Kerr.

EDMONTON, A.B. – Inconnu swimmer Skyeler Kerr qualified for two finals at the Canadian National Swimming Championships in Edmonton over the weekend.

After swimming to 13th spot in Friday morning’s 50 metre butterfly and qualifying for the ‘B’ final, Kerr swam a blistering 25.57 second time to place 2nd in the final, and 12th overall.


On Saturday, Kerr swam in two events: the 50m backstroke and 100m butterfly. While he only managed to place 36th in the latter, Kerr placed 5th overall in the backstroke prelim. with a time of  27.05 seconds to get him into the ‘A’ final on Saturday evening. Against a very tough group of 10 swimmers in the final, Kerr again managed to improve upon his qualifying time, tying in 5th spot with Dartmouth, Nova Scotia’s Morrgan Payne in exactly 26.89 seconds, an improvement of 0.16 seconds.

This morning, Kerr swam in his fifth and final event of the weekend: the 100m freestyle. Seeded at 54.11 seconds, he shaved off more than half a second to finish in 34th.