Family disagrees with story that elderly couple are being forced apart

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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Recently, we wrote a story about an elderly couple that were allegedly being forced apart.

According to CBC, the couple themselves aren’t angry, it is just a few family members that are.

With the post first going viral on Facebook, many people voiced displeasure over the couple being separated, but Jean Copeland tells the CBC that the frustration is being “misplaced”.

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“I get help right here in my room through Northern Health,” said Jean in an interview with Daybreak North host Carolina de Ryk. She also said she is not ready to move into the advanced care unit her husband will be moving into.

Vicki Hess, one of the Copeland’s daughters, says that her mom will be fine where she is.

“We would like to give a bouquet to Northern Health,” said the couple’s daughter, Vicki Hess. “They are not forcing my mother to go in. They are trying to do what’s best and safe for my father. Mom can remain in her apartment where she is.”


Marj Copeland has different feelings about the situation. She believes that the couple should not be separated and that her mom is not fit to be on her own.

When asked for comment by CBC, she said she had no comment, but did say that Northern Health is failing seniors.

When Energeticcity talked to Marj, she said that she feels the health system is failing seniors.

“I just feel that our health care should have rooms available for couples , not pull them apart after 70 years. We teach our children marriage is good , but why ??? So they can be split up when they need each other most ?? What happened to Till Death do us Part ???.”

Beth Hess and her mom, both agree that the help Northern Health has given them has been good. Hess also said she thinks that the Facebook posts should go away, and she has also voiced her displeasure with other family members about the situation. She says it is a part of life that people get old and you have to adapt to that.


“I think it’s just people not wanting to accept that our parents are growing old, you need to accept life as is.”

Story Credit: By Andrew Kurjata, CBC News

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