Northeast BC Resource Municipalities Coalition Mayors meet in Victoria; talk resource development

VICTORIA, B.C. – Northeast BC Resource Municipalities Coalition Mayors stood in front of the BC Legislature today to support responsible resource development and great access to markets. Northeast BC Resource Municipalities Coalition Mayors Bill Streeper (Northern Rockies Regional Municipality), Lori Ackerman (Fort St. John) and Rob Fraser (Taylor) stood with around 20 other BC resource municipalities mayors.

A crowd of about 125 industry and labour leaders, BC government ministers, media and others listened to Mayor Ackerman and Mayor Peter Milobar (Kamloops).

They thanked the Federal Government for approving the PNW LNG project. Both mayors said that a majority of British Columbians do support responsible resource development but are often hesitant to say so.


Northeast BC Resource Municipalities Coalition Executive Director, Colin Griffith said that it is time for British Columbians to make their voices heard.

“It’s time for resource communities and the marjority of British Columbians who support resource development to make their voices heard as the Province of BC and the Federal Government continue to review several proposed major projects. These projects would diversify the BC economy and create thousands of new jobs and economic prosperity.”


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