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Peace River North school district gets approved for provincial school bus funding

FORT ST. JOHN – School District 60 has received the maximum eligible amount of $425,785 in funding under the new provincial Student Transportation Fund for school bus fees.

Education Minister Mike Bernier announced that the school district had been approved to receive the funding earlier today. The school district, which was previously planning to increase student transportation fees from $100 to $200, will use the new funding to eliminate bus fees altogether.

“As a Peace River parent myself, I know first-hand about the challenges of getting kids to and from school in a timely manner, said Bernier. “This funding will eliminate fees for families and help the district provide better bus and transportation services for families.”

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The amount of funding each school district is eligible for is based on a formula tied to the Ministry of Education’s student location factor, which is used to determine the rural makeup of a school district. Districts are required to report back on the outcomes and benefits they achieve as a result of the funding.

A total of $14.7 million in funding from the Student Transportation Fund was announced in August.