Spectra Energy expects to have pipelines in use by 2017/2018

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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Today at the Peace River Regional District meetings in Fort St. John, Spectra Energy laid out plans for upcoming pipeline projects.

The Jackfish Lake Expansion Project. The purpose of this project is to expand a portion of the natural gas transmission system from Taylor to Chetwynd.


As for what the project will look like, this is the current plan from Spectra:

  •  Add two 36-inch pipeline loops
  •  Add a new compressor unit to Station 1 to accommodate increased volumes of natural gas
  •  Modifications to Station 1 and Station 2

The project gained NEB approval on July 15th. The targeted service date is the first quarter of 2017.


During the presentation also talked about the High Pine Expansion Project. They will be expanding the current natural gas pipeline.

This is the plan from Spectra for that project:

  • Adding two 42-inch pipeline loops
  •  Adding a new compressor unit to the Sunset Creek Compressor Station and accompanying facilities to support its operation

The NEB gave approval on August 17th of this year. Spectra is currently looking at the approval conditions to determine if there will be any impact on the project schedule.

They expect this project to be in service during the first-half of 2017.


There is also the Wyndwood Expansion Project. Spectra is looking to expand a portion of the natural gas transmission system from Chetwynd to Station 2.

The project currently includes plans to:

  • Adding a 36-inch pipeline loop
  • The loop will be ~28 km in length
  •  Modifications to Station

They plan to file with the NEB sometime in 2016. They plan to have it in service by 2018.