BC Seniors in Residential Care Survey set to take place

B.C.'s Seniors Advocate, Isobel Mackenzie/Photo: Office of the Seniors Advocate

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – A survey is now being conducted to interview those who are in residential care. The survey will also involve loved ones who are involved with the patients care.

The survey is being put on by  the BC Office of the Seniors Advocate, which is an independent office of the provincial government. The survey is being managed by the BC Patient Centered Measurement Working Group and Providence Health Care.


There is also 900 volunteers across BC that are donating time to do the interviewing.

The goal of the survey is to gain insight into many different areas that someone living in a residential care facility goes through.

“To survey every resident about their experience living in residential care in BC. To survey the person who visits the resident the most about their perceptions of their loved one’s care and their own experience visiting residential care homes. Residents and their visitors will be asked questions about a variety of topics, including: privacy, food, safety, activities, and personal relationships.”

Each residential care home will have a Facility Coordinator who will  work with with the survey team.

All residents that live in a  publicly-funded care home in BC will be invited to participate. Interviews will be conducted in-person at individual homes. This is the only way residents will be surveyed. Names and other information that could identify someone will not be published from the survey.