Close to $25k raised at Charity Boxing Match this past weekend

Photo by Chris Newton
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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Pomeroy Hotel banquet room was packed to the rafters on Friday night, and saw punches thrown left and right for the benefit of kids in the Fort St. John area.

At Fivestar MMA’s Charity Boxing Match on Friday night, the evening did not disappoint as over 30 athletes and a pair of not-so athletes took to the boxing ring. The night kicked off with a quartet of kids martial arts demonstrations. Cruz Gordon faced off against Jackson Hedland, Mason Williams took on Evan Bordalau, Elvis Walter and  Hazen Basisky sparred, before Landon Beasley fought Eddie Scarfo. All four of those bouts were draws.

After the demonstrations, Fivestar MMA’s Nick Young jumped into the ring, squaring off in an incredibly close kickboxing match against Prince George’s Carter Johnson. After that, Amanda Rogers fought Rachel Scharmann from Grande Prairie. Both Rogers and Young emerged as the winners after going for three full 2-minute rounds, taking the wins by decision.


The night’s main entertainment then emerged in the form of Fort St. John councillors Dan Davies and Trevor Bolin, who stepped into the ring for a boxing match. With Mayor Lori Ackerman also stepping into the ring as guest referee, the pair of councillors proceeded to slug it out for the better part of three 90 second rounds. Things looked even after Round 1, with both Davies and Bolin looking fairly winded. After exchanging more punches in the second round, the pair decided to settle things in Round 3 by duking it out from the comfort of their ringside stools. Boxing while sitting down didn’t solve anything, and the two councillors eventually keeled over to a drawl after neither could last referee Ackerman’s 10 second count.


In addition to Mayor Ackerman, several notable mixed martial artists including UFC fighter Sheldon Westcott, were also on hand to officiate and judge some of the fights, including the evening’s co-main events. Westcott, who fought for Fivestar in his final match before joining the UFC said that the evening was an incredible success. Cornering for three women who were competing in the event for the first time added that the positive environment was perfect for those fighters entering the ring for the first time.

Fivestar MMA CEO Justin Donally says that though he doesn’t have a final tally, preliminary results show that the event raised between $20,000 and $25,000. The proceeds from the boxing match will go towards allowing kids from the Fort St. John area that have been adversely affected by the economic downturn in the energy sector to participate in sports in the community.

A full list of results can be found here:

    Brad Stewart vs Jared McComb
    (Winner Brad Stewart *Fivestar MMA)
    Dylan Lielke vs Corey Mackie
    (Winner Dylan Lielke *Fivestar MMA)
  • Jon Zaleski vs Raphael Bergmann
    (Winner Jon Zaleski *Fivestar MMA)
  • Travis Lussier vs Joe Westbrook
    (Winner Travis Lussier *Fivestar MMA)
  • Nick Young vs Kevin Winkler
    (Winner Nick Young *Fivestar MMA)
  • Gary Peck vs Phil Dufresne
    (Winner Gary Peck *Fivestar MMA)
  • Matt Kertesz vs Dan Westbrook
    (Winner Matt Kertesz *Fivestar MMA)
  • Murray McDonald vs Dakota Huard
    (Winner Murray McDonald *Fivestar MMA)
  • Sion Iunn vs Brayden Kersey
    (Winner Brayden Kersey *Kaiten MMA Prince George)
  • Robin Combs vs Bailey Matani
    (Winner Robin Combs *Fivestar MMA)
  • Alex Martinez vs Noah Goertz (Grappling)
    (Winner Alex Martinez *Champion Gym Grande Prairie)
  • Ashley Rouble vs Jen Millen
    (Winner Ashley Rouble *Fivestar MMA)
  • Lee Coogan vs Tate Rawling (Grappling)

All match ups technically are a draw and wins don’t go on official records as it’s a charity event.


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