District of Taylor looking at options for aging golf course beverage carts

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TAYLOR, B.C. – Perry de Almeida who is the Greens Superintendent gave the District of Taylor an overview of what the options are for replacing the aging golf course beverage carts at Lone Wolf Golf Club yesterday at a committee of the whole meeting.

The business is recommending purchasing 2 new on-course beverage carts for the 2017 season. The carts typically generate between $50,000.00 and $70,000.00 a season. The golf course estimates that they will make upwards of $700,000.00 in the next 10 years. The beverage carts also also generate over 25% of the golf courses yearly liquor sales.

In 2016, they sold a combined $65,426.00 through September 17th.

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The approximate cost of 2 new beverage courts would be $25,000.00 per car, plus taxes.

The golf course says the past couple of seasons, they have had negative feedback from customers that the carts were not on the course during the busy days of the season. The reasoning was because the carts were constantly breaking down due to age and repairs needed.

The current beverage carts are from the year 2007 and are made by Yamaha. The carts were bought when they were only 4 seasons old. They were then put into service in 2011. The carts themselves came from the Fort McMurray Golf Club. The carts at that time were purchased for $7,000.00 plus taxes.

If the golf course was to repair the current beverage carts, it would cost around $15,000 each and there is no guarantee that the carts would stay in working condition.

They believe that overall, purchasing 2 carts would be a better investment as they would not involve much maintenance over the first 5 years.

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