Fort St. John Emergency Social Services information meeting to be held next week

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Fort St. John will be having a Emergency Social Services meeting next week to prepare for the next emergency.

Kylah Bryde, who runs the meetings, says that the meetings are to help prepare for another emergency. Many people remember the floods during the summer and these meetings are to help prepare for another scenario such as that.

“After the floods in the spring, the City of Fort St. John wanted to start an ESS team. This is just starting off the first meeting of the fall as we break for the whole summer. It is geared to anyone that wants to be involved, it isn’t mandatory to show up at the meeting but if people want to get involved and get training and learn what happens so that the next time we are activated, people aren’t just coming in the door saying ‘can I do something for you?’. They are already trained, they know the routine.”


The meeting will be to prepare a team and getting a little bit of commitment out of people. They want to be a team that could host a reception centre incase of a real emergency.