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Home News Fundraiser for victims of 2015 dog attack brings in close to $2000

Fundraiser for victims of 2015 dog attack brings in close to $2000

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Robin Elgie and Lee Baker were attacked by dogs on Christmas Day of 2015. Thanks to a local woman in the community, they are receving some much needed help.

Shelley Falk-Ouellette spent this past weekend fundraising for the two. Although it was cold, she felt it was little to sacrafice compared to what Elgie and Baker have been through over the last year.

She says she believes she raised around $1540.00 in cash over the weekend. She also auctioned off tickets and gift certificates to raise money.

In total, she believes she will have raised close to $2000.00. She says the community response was great.

“Fort St. John really showed up.”

She says there were 47 people on the list. She also received 5 E-Transfers.

“When you think about what they have to go through daily in their lives, I’ve known Robin for 25 years and he means a great deal to me.”

She says another friend motivated her to do the fundraiser. It wasn’t easy, as she had sustained an injury from a fall around a week and a half ago. Although she can’t do her day job currently, that didn’t stop her from standing outside to raise money for people who truly need it.

“They were overwhelmed. Robin couldn’t even speak. Tears were just coming down from his eyes. It was very touching. You know, he’s one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He is always there to help anybody and he spent his life doing that.”

Falk-Ouellette says she understands that this situation will never be over for the two.

“They are seniors. They are on a little pension. They have to decide between food and hydro and that isn’t right.”

The attack occurred on Christmas Day last year. Baker had let the cat outside. When she went to let the cat back in, 2 stray dogs followed in behind.

The dogs went after Baker and Elgie stepped in. He fought them while he could until help arrived. The 2 dogs were shot in the house and killed.

The attack left Elgie and Baker both with injuries. Elgie isn’t able to use his left hand. He also struggles to use his right hand and arm. Baker suffered from a few bites before Elgie stepped in between her and the dogs.

“This money will last Lee and Robin into, probably January. But, what are they going to do after that?”

While her fundraiser this weekend was a success, she also is planning something to help the family out at Christmas time.

“I think at Christmas, I’m going to organize a food drive and make sure they have a beautiful Christmas dinner on the table and anything left over, I will donate it to the Women’s Resource Centre.”

Although Christmas won’t be a fond memory, Falk-Ouellette says she wants to do everything she can to make sure the day is somewhat speical to the two.

“I need to give them that Christmas. I think we accomplished that.”


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