Local teen looking to spread Christmas cheer to Fort St. John Women’s Resource Society

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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – A local 15-year-old teen is making a big impact in the community in a small, but powerful way.

With Christmas just around the corner, this time can be a stressful time of year for many people and with the way the economy has suffered, this year will be very tough.

Phallon Stoutenburg with the FSJ Women’s Resource Society says that she was approached by Kaden’s mom, Pam Hagen, about the idea originally.

“His mom had called me and she wanted to share this really good idea. They were talking about how they could help out in the community and Kaden said ‘Oh, I can make these little Christmas tree ornaments and we can sell them and we can donate all the money to the Women’s Resource Society’.”

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Kaden is going to be selling handmade Christmas pottery ornaments at Ladies Day Out on November 5th and 6th. He will also be selling the ornaments on December 10th, at the Vintage Affair Christmas Market. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the Fort St. John Women’s Resource Society.

Pam Hagen does pottery full-time for a living through her company Sticks ‘n Stones Studio in her own backyard.

“The kids are always in and out of my studio and they always see during Christmas time, that is all I do is make stuff. They were asking ‘why do you make so much’ and then it just kind of came about in conversation that we were talking about the economy, how people have been really affected by it.”

She says now when you go to the schools to pick up kids, she sees a lot of dad’s that ususally would only be seen once or twice a year because they are working, but with how times are right now, it is the complete opposite.

“The stress that people can go through when it comes to buying gifts and things like that and especially the stress that comes on at Christmas time and it just came about in conversation.”

Hagen also reffered to the fact that the Resource Society also helps out men, not just women.  She says Kaden then came up with the idea and asked if he could buy some clay off of her.


“Can I buy some clay off of you. I’d like to make Christmas ornaments and make money and give it to people that can’t have Christmas or they won’t have the money to guy and buy food and clothes and toys, things like that.”

She says of course she didn’t make Kaden pay, but instead donated the clay to him to be able to do the project.

“He’s just been cranking out (ornaments). I think as of now he’s got over 200 ornaments made.”

He has already gone through 1 box of clay already, which is 50 lbs.

“He’s definitley put a lot of heart and soul into the idea. He’s been putting a lot of time and effort into these creations”


Kaden will be giving the funds to the FSJ Women’s Resource Society on December 12th. His mom gave him the ideas that he could either give them the funds directly or buy items that the Centre needs. She says Kaden is still deciding which one he wants to do.

“He’s pretty excited about it. I said to him ‘what is your goal?’ and he said ‘I would be kind of happy mom with $500 or $400.”

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