Snowfall warning didn’t put halt to Mower Mayhem

One of the Mower Mayhem racers in action on Sunday. Photo by Mower Mayhem Racing/Facebook

TAYLOR, B.C. – It was a hectic weekend in Taylor, and not only because of the snowfall warning issued by Environment Canada.

This past weekend saw the second iteration of Mower Mayhem lawnmower races this year. 7 stock, 2 bone-stock, and 3 modified mowers took to the dirt oval circuit in Taylor for laps races only, as the mud and snow precluded any cross-country races from taking place. After a 5-lap heat, the final races consisted of marathons with the last mower running declared the winner.


After winning the Stock mower heat, Byron Westgate was unable to keep pace with inevitable winner Allen Kubjenko, who took the win after nearly 20 laps. Dorian Fournier took the win the Bone stock heats. Jayden Meidema was declared the winner in the Modfied class marathon after the other two riders were unable to continue.