City says lap pool should reopen Monday at the latest

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Fort St. John’s Director of Facilities and Grounds Robin Langio said this morning that the North Peace Leisure Pool’s lap pool will mostly likely reopen by Monday at the latest.

Langio spoke with this morning and explained that after receiving word from Northern Health that last week’s test results came back positive for pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria, the pool was closed as a precaution. Langio says that so far, no one has come forward with symptoms of being infected by the bacteria, which commonly causes so-called “hot tub rash.”


After receiving the result, Langio says that pool staff were perplexed by the test result from the deep end of the pool coming back positive, while the results from the shallow end tested negative. Langio told that he immediately took another sample, which he submitted to a local lab to either confirm or disprove last week’s test results. As the results take three days to come back from the lab, he says that he is expecting to hear back with the results this afternoon.

Nevertheless, Langio said that city staff took no chances to jeopardise the public’s safety, and followed the recommended steps to completely sanitise the pool.

Langio added that if the results come back negative today, the pool could reopen as soon as this afternoon, or as late as next Monday.