Fall Federal Economic Statement concerning: MP Bob Zimmer

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OTTAWA – With Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Government releasing the Fall Federal Economic Statement earlier today, it isn’t sitting well with everyone.

Bob Zimmer, MP – Prince George — Peace River — Northern Rockies says the deficit the current government plans to run is concerning.

“It is concerning. The thing we are concerned about is the ever-increasing deficit that they are projecting. People have often heard the number $30 billion or $10 billion, but the actual number is a lot larger.”

Zimmer pointed out that today, the government announced they would be running a 114.9 billion dollar deficit between now and 2021.

“It is actually becoming quite large and it is just concerning to us as an opposition.”

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He also pointed out the areas of the statement that were most concerning to them. Zimmer says the Carbon Tax and increases to CPP contributions are of major concern.

“If you ever do those kinds of things, you do it when times are better, when people can actually afford to pay for those increases. What we’re seeing is an economy that is slowing, at a time when they are increasing CPP contribution rates and also floating a carbon tax which is going to cost everyone more.”

Zimmer says they see a potential “crash of ideas” where the economy is slowing but people are being asked to pay for more. He adds it is not a great recipe for success.

He says the carbon tax will touch every Canadian.

“It is going to cause an increase to everything. From milk to clothing. Everything is affected by transportation and the use of carbon.”

Zimmer says overall it is just concerning and this isn’t something Canadian people signed up for when they elected this government.

“We’re going to keep holding them accountable in the House of Commons and hopefully things start to move in a positive direction.”

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