Side road conditions in Peace requiring early load resitrictions

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – With record snowfall hitting in October and warmer temperatures in November, the B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is having to put early load restrictions on certain routes in the Peace.

The Ministry says they have received numerous comments and requests for the side gravel roads to be graded.

“We’ve heard from some people in the Peace area, who are frustrated with rough gravel road conditions resulting in recent weight bans and load restrictions on side roads. They’ve asked for these gravel roads to be graded. Thank you for your comments and requests.”
The Ministry says the reason for the load restrictions are to keep the roads in as good of condition as possible and to avoid further damage.
“Highway maintenance contractors have been grading roads early in the morning while the frost is still in the ground. However, by noon as the ground thaws and softens, the graders themselves can cause more harm than good, so we need to have the graders off the road so they don’t damage it further. Yellowhead Road and Bridge and Caribou Road Services are working hard to ensure Peace area road issues are addressed as best as possible, and as conditions allow.”
The Ministry says they understand how frustrating the road conditions can be for everybody. They say they appreciate the public’s patience during this time until we see freezing temperatures and firmer roads.
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