B.C. top supplier to Oil Sands, Fort St. John leads the way: CAPP

Photo by Pixabay

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers has released a report saying that B.C. is the top supplier to Oil Sands.

Fort St. John leads the way with 426 suppliers.

“1,586 small, medium and large companies in B.C. provided goods as well as services to the oil sands in 2016. Across Canada, a total of 5,054 businesses supplied the oil sands with goods and services this year.”

The following services are some that B.C. provides to the Oil Sands:

  • Environmental technology
  • Engineering Equipment Services
  • Camps and Catering
  • Parts Supply
  • Corporate Services
  • Technology and Transportation

“Oil sands companies spent $7.6 billion across Canada on goods and services in 2016, of which $1.7 billion was spent in B.C.”

Tim McMillan – president and CEO, CAPP says that the number of companies contributing from B.C. is expected to grow.

“Nearly 1,600 small, medium and large companies across B.C. are doing $1.7 billion in business with Canada’s oil sands this year – and that’s expected to grow.”