Cold temperatures to stick around for a week: Environment Canada

A photo of the record snowfall in Fort St. John on October 1st. Photo Courtesy: Twitter @fsjchic

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – With the temperatures hovering around -30 with the windchill, they will be staying that cold for the rest of this week according to Environment Canada.

Meteorologist Ross MacDonald says arctic air is what is causing the bitter cold.

“What has happened is our first strong push of arctic air has pushed right through all of B.C. It has brought bitterly cold temperatures and a few flurries for Fort St. John and very cold with the windchills getting into the -30’s and that will be the main story right through the work week.”

We aren’t the only ones suffering. MacDonald referenced the Kootenays as another area hit with stormy weather saying they received 10-15 cm of snow.

Southern B.C. also had a blast of winter today with many delays with transportation and school closures taking place.

“With some of the very cold temperatures coming in, it has been a very strong push of arctic air coming in from the Yukon and Alaska and it looks like based on what we are seeing right now, it will remain for the next week or so through the area. Cold temperatures until at least the first half of next week.”

MacDonald says this is a normal trend that comes from time to time and is nothing out of the normal.

He also notes that Fort St. John had a very early start to winter in October when snowfall hit on October 1st.