School District 60 prepared when cold weather strikes

SD 60 is one of many districts that are currently not to capacity in terms of faculty members.

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – With the Extreme Cold Warning that was issued earlier this morning, School District 60 says they are prepared for when such a warning is issued.

Superintendent Dave Sloan says it is up to the principals to determine what measures should be taken but it is ultimately up to the parents to decide if a child goes to school or not.

“I can let you know that principals have the duty and authority to determine the appropriate safety responses at their sites for cold weather precautions. Parents ultimately make the decision about whether or not to keep students at home.”

Sloan says that principals will decide if the day will be considered an “inside day” and what areas of the school will be supervised and open to students.

When it comes to school busses, if drivers deem the conditions are unsafe, they will make the decision to cancel their runs.

“When runs are cancelled drivers notify parents individually of their decision.”

School District 60 also confirmed that they will never close a school incase a parent was to drop a child off at school. The students will always have access to the school.