Twenty-one non-Canadian managers and professionals worked on Site C in October

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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – BC Hydro has released statistics of the number of people employed by construction of the Site C Dam during the month of October.

The latest employment statistics show that there were 1,868 total workers on the Site C project this past October. 1,466 were employed as construction and non-construction contractors, while 402 were working as engineers or members of the project team.

Of the total workers, 1,589, or 85 percent were from British Columbia. 713 of the 1,466 Contractors were residents of the Peace River Regional District, which equates to 49 percent of the construction and non-construction contractor’s workforce.

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A chart from BC Hydro showing the number and residence of workers employed on the Site C project in October. Photo by BC Hydro

Hydro added that during the month of October 2016, there were no Construction and Non-Construction Contractors that were employed by the federal Temporary Foreign Worker program. However, there were 21 professionals and management personnel working on the project that were employed through the federal International Mobility Program.

In the coming months and years, BC Hydro says that “many more jobs will be created as main civil works increases activities, and as major contracts get underway for turbines and generators, transmission and the generating station and spillways.”

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