Unemployment numbers in Northeast B.C. continue to climb


FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Northern B.C.’s unemployment numbers are continuing to grow.

Northeast B.C. sits at 10.1% when it comes to unemployment according to Stats B.C. The number is a 3-month moving average. The unemployment rate in B.C. currently is sitting at 6.1%

The unemployment rate in Canada has seen a slight fall of 0.2 percentage points. It is now sitting at 6.8%.

There were 11,000 jobs added in November (+0.1%) across the country.

British Columbia saw little change according to Stats Canada. They say though compared to 12 months earlier, employment rose by 48,000 jobs or 2.1%. This is still the fastest growing rate among all provinces.

Across the country, more people were employed in the finance, insurance, real estate and leasing industry, information, culture and recreation. There were also gains in the “other services” industry and also in agriculture.

Declines were seen in construction, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing.