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Home News Dawson Creek Mayor Dale Bumstead looks forward to economic growth in 2017

Dawson Creek Mayor Dale Bumstead looks forward to economic growth in 2017


DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – Dawson Creek Mayor Dale Bumstead recently posted updates on his Facebook Page about all the economic development scheduled to take place within the community over the next little while.

“The Mayor should be out there ploughing around and finding out what is going on in his community. You know, honestly, we talk about the impacts of economic development in our communities so I’ve tried to be very proactive about engaging with the industry and finding out what is going on in our region for in and around Dawson Creek.”

Bumstead says he likes to focus on construction and processing facilities and what other activities will be occurring in the area.

“I always am reading the financial posts about what companies do because I find them very informative in terms of what plans they have operating in our region and how much they have planned in their budget.”

The Mayor says he likes to go out and meet with the companies and workers that are coming into the City or lodging workers there.

“As an example, a company staged their crews here in Dawson Creek last fall to do some work for Spectra Energy. They got 400 or 500 guys working on those various projects for Spectra over the next 4, 5 or 6 months and they staged them out of Dawson Creek.”

He also says when he goes to Calgary, he meets with Pembina as well as Encana, Shell, Enbridge among others.

“I meet with whoever is doing work in our region and I try to ensure that they know we are encouraged by what they are doing and engaged with them and also want to ensure that they support our community and our local business community.”

There are also 3 gas processing plants that are being built near Dawson, something Bumstead says will be great for the community and economy.

“The Gas Processing Plants that are being built in and around the region right now, I did a presentation that I put together for community and different groups that I present to. One of the things that has been really interesting to me and really exciting is the amount of processing plants that are being built in and around Dawson Creek. The reason these processing facilities are being built is because they need to process the gas when it comes out of the ground and here, because of the liquids that are contained in that gas, they have to strip those liquids out so they can get to the pure gas that they would sell to our homes, for residential use and for commercial use so the processing plants are huge, huge plants that are being constructed to process that gas. Encana singed an agreement with┬áVersen about 2 years ago and Versen are going to now do all the processing of Encana’s gas so they signed a $5 billion deal, so now they are in the process of building these 3 plants within about a half an our of Dawson Creek.”

He estimates that the cost for the plants is about $2.5 billion in capital costs and they will all need to hire power engineers and control room operators among other positions.

“Those are the jobs that are exciting to me, the ones that create strong economic opportunity for our community.”

With many projects set to get underway, Bumstead says having many workers come back to the Dawson Creek area is what will help boost the economy even more.

“We’re going to see the drilling crews back in, we’re going to see the hydraulic fracking crews back in. Those are crews that come in here and they are in our hotel rooms, in our restaurants and that spins throughout your economy of your community and that is very, very healthy.

To view the full Facebook post, you can visit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/300415976750415/permalink/664909223634420/

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