Landowners not sure why BC Hydro continues drilling

PVLA President Ken Boon and his wife Arlene at their home in Bear Flats. File photo

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Ken and Arlene Boon are wondering if noise outside their home is even necessary with the source being BC Hydro.

Arlene Boon posted a video on her Facebook page showing heavy work equipment outside their home. The Boon’s have been dealing with BC Hydro when it comes to their land since BC Hydro is expropriating it. Originally, they thought they would have to be out by Christmas of 2016 but then reached an agreement with BC Hydro that allows them to stay until the end of May.

Ken Boon said the equipment outside of the home is drilling for geotechnical tests but also said he isn’t sure why it is happening again after he was told by BC Hydro that they were finished last spring when they drilled holes in the same spot.

He says BC Hydro told them the reasoning was because the holes they originally drilled “weren’t deep enough”. He says he was also told that they will also be drilling 2 more holes nearby.

When asked how long Hydro told him it would take, they told him originally 5-10 days but he says they started drilling on Friday and haven’t even finished the first hole yet. BC Hydro also only gave them 3 days notice prior to the start of the work according to¬†Boon.

Boon says he sees the work as a “bully tactic” by BC Hydro against them. He says the drilling happens from around 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. everyday.