British Columbians believe resource development is a good thing in the province

The Meikle Wind Project near Tumbler Ridge. Photo by Pattern Energy Group.

VANCOUVER, B.C. – A poll that has been conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Resource Works has shown that British Columbians believe that natural resource development is good for the province. Residents also said that with real discussion and debates around the subject, it would be easier to make the development work in B.C. Residents did voice concerns with quality of debate and discussions that is currently going on and are questioning if it is honest, transparent and inclusive.

According to the poll, 85% of residents in B.C. that ‘natural resource development is good for B.C.’ 12% disagree that resource development is good for the province. 3% were undecided.

  • 84% believe that ‘It’s possible to create green jobs and grow the green economy within BC’s natural resource sector’. 10% disagreed while 7% didn’t know.
  • 83% agree that ‘Natural resource development creates opportunities and hope for BC’s future’. 13% disagree while 4% didn’t know.
  • 80% agree that ‘BC’s natural resource sector has good opportunities for employment for younger British Columbians’. 14% disagree while 7% didn’t know.
  • 76% agree that ‘BC’s natural resource sector creates good opportunities for employment in high tech jobs’. 14% disagree while 11% didn’t know.

The poll discovered that fewer than half of residents in B.C. agreed that the debate and discussions happening when it comes to natural resource development in the province could be described as transparent (37%), honest (42%), inclusive (44%), open (45%) or cooperative (46%). Only very select numbers agreed that debate and discussion is respectful.

A total of 800 residents were polled for the survey. Interest in taking part was higher among younger residents (31% among 18-34 years vs. 20% among 35-54 years, 12% among 55+ years).

The results also stated that 49% of residents polled may not want to participate personally but did state that it is important that discussion and debate takes place.

2 in 10 residents (17%) selected the option to bypass debate entirely and 14% are undecided on which approach they prefer.

The poll was conducted online using Ipsos Reid’s national online household panel between February 2 and 7, 2017

800 residents were polled by Ipsos about natural resource development in the province/Photo: Ipsos