District of Taylor happy to see more doctors coming to the Peace Region

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TAYLOR, B.C. – With news today that four new doctors will be coming to the Peace Region, it is being welcomed by many in the area.

Two doctors will be headed to Dawson Creek while Fort St. John and Chetwynd will also receive one each. The doctors were recruited through the Practice Ready Assessment-BC program, a partnership between the provincial government and Doctors of BC.

The District of Taylor just passed a resolution on Monday that will see the clinic remain open for April, May and June while a permanent solution is reached.


Charlette McLeod, Administrator with the District of Taylor, says that the recruitment of doctors to the region could be beneficial for everyone, not just those in the communities receiving them.

“Hopefully that will be an opportunity for Taylor to have a satellite service with one of the Fort St. John clinics. I’m hoping that we can build a relationship with one of the Fort St. John clinics to partner with us at the Taylor clinic because I think there are really good opportunities with what we offer here to help them up there.”

The District says that they are happy to see more doctors coming to the region but they also had tried to get a doctor into the clinic in Taylor.

“We’ve tried that in the past and sometimes it is just difficult depending on what the criteria for those doctors are. Some doctors, when they get them, they have to job shadow another doctor for a period of time so you can’t have them working alone in our clinic, they always have to have another doctor with them for that period of time, the ‘internship’ piece. It also depends on who has expressed interest in the Taylor Clinic, whether they have the appropriate licensing when they are first starting to work on their own.”

McLeod says that even though the Fort St. John area is only receiving one doctor, it can help benefit the entire region.

“You never know where your doctors are going to end up. They will stay for a while and then maybe go somewhere else or they can be shared in the region. There are just so many different opportunities.”

Mayor Rob Fraser also was grateful to hear that more doctors are coming to the region.

“Anytime we get doctors in the region, it helps the whole region.”

The District is hoping that the addition of four new doctors to the area will help with the Taylor Medical Clinic specifically.


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