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Rob Fraser officially opens campaign office in Fort St. John

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Independent candidate Rob Fraser officially opened his campaign office in Fort St. John on Friday evening.

Fraser, who is also the District of Taylor Mayor, will be running against BC Liberal candidate Dan Davies, Independent Bob Fedderly, BC NDP candidate Rob Dempsey and Independent Jeff Richert in the Peace River North riding.

Fraser’s office is located at 8160 100 Avenue in Fort St. John, just across the street from Casey’s Pub.

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He says that the opening of his campaign office is a significant milestone for his campaign.

“The opening of this office is really a milestone for my campaign. This is really where we are going to start putting our volunteers and myself to work. We’ve been doing a lot of pre campaign work, talking to people about their concerns and the issues they would like addressed during the campaign. We’ve got our platform, we’ve got our ideas and we will be using this office to have meetings and to get our volunteers together.”

Fraser says the office will also be available for those who may want to talk to him privately about concerns or issues.

Rob Fraser unveils his campaign office in Fort St. John on March 24/Photo: Jessica Fedigan

He also explains that his campaign will be about balance before anything else.

“My campaign will be about balance. If you can imagine a three legged stool, that three legged stool has three legs and all of those legs need to be the same size and same length. If any of those are missing, then the stool topples over and it is not balanced. The three legs that form part of my platform are the economy, our communities and our environment. I believe that with good balance in the Province, we can really have a sustainable economy.”

Independent candidate Rob Fraser says his campaign will be about finding balance/Photo: Jessica Fedigan

Fraser also addressed comments that were recently made stating that if you vote Independent, you are essentially throwing your vote in the garbage can.

“Those votes have come at a very high cost and the ability to vote in our country, there has just been so much sacrifice that goes into it and it needs to be respected and I think that comment was not very respectful. The MLA said that Independent’s can’t be part of the team and I have to fundamentally disagree with that because the team is the B.C. team, it isn’t a team of individuals, it’s not a team of Liberals or NDP or the Green Team, it is the B.C. team. There are 85 MLA’s and we should all be working together.”

He says he also is happy to see so many candidates running in the Peace River North riding, wanting to represent the citizens.

“There could be six candidates if the Green Party is able to run a candidate in this region, which is good. When you have that diversity, that is what it so great about the north, the diversity of opinions. We do our best work in the north when we bring those diverse opinions together and come up with good ideas and good solutions so I’m really looking forward to it because whichever of us wins, we’re going to have great ideas to take to Victoria and help the Province and help the government.”

Fraser also had a message that he wants to make clear to voters and residents in the Peace River North riding.

“I’m not running against any parties, I’m running for the north.”

The election in B.C. is scheduled for May 9.



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