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Fedderly confirms support for LNG and opposition to B.C. Carbon Tax 


FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Peace River North Independent candidate Bob Fedderly renewed his call for the development of an LNG industry B.C. today.

In a press release this morning, Fedderly called on all B.C. residents to join in supporting the development of an LNG industry, which he said would result in an increase in jobs.

“Hats off to Alan Yu and the FSJ for LNG team for their great work into bringing this issue to the forefront,” said Fedderly in a release. “This kind of leadership is exactly what our province needs and I look forward to working with Mr. Yu in the coming days as the MLA for Peace River North.”

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Fedderly issued the press release in response to a post in the local Facebook group FSJ for LNG, which included an image of Fedderly with the caption “Bob Fedderly says no to LNG.” The post also includes a quote from an Energeticcity.ca article last year, when Fedderly attended a pro-LNG rally in Fort St. John on March 16th. “Bob Fedderly, a local resident of 35 years, describes himself as a promoter of the natural gas industry, but has reservations about developing LNG as an industry based on exporting, and insists it be used domestically,” said the quote.

Energeticcity.ca interviewed Fedderly on the topic of liquefied natural gas at that event, who stated, “I think it’s a great fuel, a clean fuel. But I think we need to start using it ourselves before we start flooding valleys. We’ve got this vast resource in place that we could use to generate electricity rather than flood our valleys.” Fedderly made the reference to BC Hydro’s 950 megawatt Burrard Thermal generating station, which was decommissioned in March, 2016.

Fedderly noted in Thursday’s release that the BC Liberal Party shares his support for the development of LNG facilities. However, he also criticized the provincial Carbon Tax that was implemented by the provincial BC Liberal government, stating that this tax especially harmed northern businesses and farmers.

“We must develop new overseas markets and diversify our domestic markets for natural gas, but we cannot do so effectively when we are held back by a carbon tax that is anything but revenue neutral in the North,” said Fedderly. “As an independent MLA for Peace River North, I will make it a priority to ensure we are not held back by NDP opposition to LNG and not unfairly taxed by a Liberal government’s carbon tax.”

“Our abundant natural gas holds enormous potential for creating thousands of jobs and ensuring BC is an energy leader for decades to come,” said Fedderly. “Let’s get to work creating a diverse and successful natural gas sector and a prosperous BC.”

Fedderly says that his top three priorities are: creating jobs, building infrastructure, and cleaning up politics.

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