Home News Hi-Performance Motor Sports takes matters into their own hands with recent crime

Hi-Performance Motor Sports takes matters into their own hands with recent crime

Clean up crews working to repair damage to Hi-Performance Motor Sports earlier this month/Photo: Chris Newton

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Hi-Performance Motor Sports has been a target of theft and shoplifting recently and they are now trying to raise awareness.

Rob Harris of Hi-Performance posted a video on Facebook which appears to show the alleged shoplifter.

Angie Moore, Harris’ wife says that the police have been called and notified of the incidents. This isn’t the first time the alleged incidents have occurred. In his post, Harris says that they let the alleged suspect go on an agreement she never comes back but surveillance video showed she returned earlier this week.

The incident happened on Wednesday.

“We didn’t actually confront her (on Wednesday). Before we realized who it was and what had happened, she had already left and we realized what went on. We were with customers at the time.”

Moore says that they believe the alleged suspect escaped with close to 10 hoodies and t-shirts.

Hi-Performance Motor Sports says that they have had a string of incidents and thefts occur and don’t want it to happen to anyone else.

“Our building got hit by a guy and then we had a razor stolen and then this happened so we are just kind of fed-up. So we decided this time, let’s see what happens if we put it on Facebook.”

While the local business is being proactive and taking matters into their own hands, the RCMP says that they have to be careful when they choose to release information, especially if the information isn’t correct.

“We do not condone it and they are opening themselves up to civil liability issues, especially if they are wrong.”