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Could Peace River North vote in an Independent? Poll shows it may be possible

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – With the provincial election creeping up in British Columbia, many people are wondering what the results will be on May 9.

In the Peace River North riding, there are three Independent candidates: Jeff Richert, Bob Fedderly and Rob Fraser.

A poll isn’t always correct, as we saw during the 2013 Provincial Election in which polls were suggesting that the NDP would come away with a dominant win. Then came election night and Christy Clark ended up winning by a fairly large margin.

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But according to a poll that was released by Bob Fedderly’s campaign, it shows that 45% of individuals that responded are planning to vote Independent in the 2017 election.

A poll released by Bob Fedderly’s campaign appears to show that Peace River North could vote Independent/Photo: Elect Bob Fedderly – Facebook

Jared Giesbrecht, Campaign Manager for Bob Fedderly said the poll conducted did not allow voters to vote for a specific Independent candidate.

“The poll wasn’t an involved poll. It was done by phone across the riding. It was a very early poll, so we did not distinguish between Independent candidates.”

Giesbrecht said the 25% the poll showed was for Conservative, Green, and NDP all combined. The wording was as followed for the telephone poll:

  • If you are planning to vote Liberal, please press 1 now
  • If you are planning to vote Independent, please press 2 now
  • If you are planning to vote for NDP, Conservative, or Green, please press 3 now

Fedderly’s campaign says that the poll was sent out to ‘thousands’ in the riding and they received a few hundred responses back.

Giesbrecht says the poll was conducted by a company that provides phone polling services.



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