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BC Green Leader Andrew Weaver and caucus visit the Peace Region to express concern over Site C


FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – BC Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver as well as MLA’s Adam Olsen and Sonia Frusteanu, visited the Peace Region on Tuesday specifically in regards to Site C.

Weaver and his caucus visited numerous sites that would be affected by the dam. They also participated in a ceremony at the Sweat Lodge in Bear Flats and saw grave sites first hand that would be affected.

Premier Christy Clark also was in the area visiting the Site C dam while the Green Party caucus was visiting with families affected by the dam such as the Boons and the Meeks.

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Green Party MLA Sonia Furstenau along with MLA Adam Olsen and BC Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver spoke to the Boon and Meek families during their visit on Tuesday/Photo: Jessica Fedigan

Weaver said the reasoning for his third trip to the Peace Region had to do with the Highway 29 realignment.

“The reason I wanted to come up again, I met with the West Moberly and Prophet Chiefs last week to discuss this issue of the road that is going right beside the Sweat Lodge and literally through the Boon’s house and across the burial ground.

I wanted to see what the other options were on the table because BC Hydro did have other options for the road.”

When asked about the 2,200 jobs that could be impacted if Site C was to be shut down, Weaver reiterated that the jobs that are currently there are ‘artificial’.

“The Premier has decided that she is going to create a dam to produce power to sell to non-existent customers.

In the Peace Region, you’ve got agriculture, you’ve got forestry, you’ve got mining and you’ve got the tech sector that could bring together.”


The BC Green Leader said he also wasn’t quite sure why the Premier decided to visit the area the same time they were visiting.

“I guess she got wind of the fact that we were visiting today and felt that she should come up to the Peace. She’s entitled to go wherever she wants, she’s entitled to do that but I don’t know why she’s here but I know why I’m here.”

He also touched on the recent promises the Liberals made if they remain in power. He said issues like Social Assistance, Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and banning Corporate and Union donations should have been done four years ago.

“Why didn’t they do it four years ago? Obviously I think these things are all fine and dandy and I’m looking forward, elated at the fact that it is in their throne speech. I’m looking forward to them, which we know will fail on confidence, I’m looking forward to them working together constructively with all people in the legislature to ensure that those policies move forward. Let’s see if they can actually do what the Premier said would be done.”

Ken Boon said having the BC Green Party caucus visit them to hear their concerns was a big deal for them.

“It’s very reassuring to see that they have this on their radar and they are paying attention to this. They realize they are going to be government for the whole province despite what the Liberals are saying, that they just represent the south. That is not the case and they will be representing the whole province and this Site C dam is going to affect the whole province.”

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