Randy Vincent hopes to represent the citizens of Fort St. John as City Councillor

Photo: Elect Randy Vincent For Fort St. John City Council - Facebook

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Randy Vincent is a Franchisee for Menchie’s in Dawson Creek and believes he can take many ideas and experiences away and bring them to council should he be elected City Councillor in Fort St. John for the upcoming by-election.

“I’ve been in Fort St. John all my life and I love the community. It’s always actually been interesting to me.”

Vincent says his ideas mainly revolve around supporting local businesses, the industry and strengthening the economy.


He also says having the opportunity to work with City Hall and represent the citizens of Fort St. John would be a great experience.

“It would be a really good experience. I always try to be positive, I like to maintain a positive attitude.”

Vincent says that he loves to listen to ideas from other people and engaging with residents and the public on matters that are most important to them.

“I like to see what the residents of Fort St. John have to say. I’m a good listener, I like to listen.”

General voting day is on September 9 at the Pomeroy Sports Centre.