Update provided in regards to Fort St. John Downtown Action Plan

Photo: City of Fort St. John

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The City of Fort St. John already has the wheels in motion when it comes to implementing the Downtown Action Plan.

Following endorsement of the Downtown Action Plan in November 2015, city staff has done work to include the appropriate elements of the plan into the following master plans and bylaws:

  • Transportation Master Plan (new master plan – complete – adopted November 2015) Š
  • Parks and Recreation Master Plan (new master plan – complete – adopted January 2017) Š
  • Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 2076, 2011 (update is near completion) Š
  • Zoning Bylaw 2181, 2014 (update is starting summer 2017) Š
  • Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw 2120, 2013 (update is in process)
  • In addition, work has been done that aligns with the Downtown Action Plan’s ’10 Big Moves to Energize Downtown’

The 10 big moves the City of Fort St. John has to energize downtown are:

  • Create Streets for People
  • Downtown Living
  • Market Plaza
  • Vacant No More
  • Make Parking Work
  • Maintain the Core
  • NPCC Improvements
  • Village Avenue ‘Festival Street’
  • Energy Innovation District
  • 100th Street Greenway

City staff gave an update to City Council on Monday afternoon with regards to a few areas that work is already underway.

“Council has adopted a mandate for enhanced downtown maintenance identifying the downtown streets, lanes and sidewalks as a priority for snow clearing and maintenance. This was started in 2015 and has been on going. ‘Maintain the Core’ is one of the ’10 Big Moves to Energize Downtown’. It is also the first step in ‘Creating Streets for People’.

Capital projects for 2017 include upgrades to three important lanes in the downtown core. This helps to support the objective of utilizing lanes for access to parking and is key in encouraging lane access for parking which is a key design guideline for new developments in the downtown core.  Specifically, the work being done to downtown lanes to further the Downtown Action Plan includes: Š

  • The lane north of 100 Avenue from 100 Street to 102 Street (2016) Š
  • The lane south of 100 Avenue from 100 Street to 98 Street (2016) Š
  • The lane south of 100 Avenue from 100 Street to 101 Street (2017)”

To view the Downtown Action Plan in its entirety, visit https://fortstjohn.civicweb.net/FileStorage/7197103209334489BB73DF0A17977AFF-AB.pdf.