PVLA and PVEA call for halt to Site C after release of Deloitte reports by BCUC

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VANCOUVER, BC – The Peace Valley Landowner Association and the Peace Valley Environment Association have issued a call to the provincial Government to immediately stop construction of the Site C dam pending completion of the British Columbia Utilities Commission Site C Inquiry.

The PVLA and PVEA both say that two reports by Deloitte LLP on Site C released last Friday make several key findings that support an immediate suspension of construction. The two groups point to the first report’s findings that there could be a cost overrun on Site C of between $1.7 and $4.3 billion. In addition, they say that hydroelectric dams usually experience significant delays and cost overruns, pointing to recent projects in Manitoba and Newfoundland had overruns of 55 to 90 percent.

A more detailed backgrounder prepared by McCullough Research, including several other important key findings on the Deloitte LLP Reports, can be found at www.peacevalleyland.com/sitecinquiry.

“It’s time to stop throwing good money after bad,” says Ken Boon, PVLA President.  “The Deloitte Reports confirm what we have been saying all along: Site C is an unnecessary, costly dinosaur when compared to environmentally friendly and less costly alternatives.  We need to  complete the Site C Inquiry, but suspending construction is the financially prudent thing to do given the Deloitte findings.”